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Album Coming SOON 

A lot of fans asking about what we're up to in the studio and if they're going to see any signs of our grind. Just updating everyone letting y'all know that we're writing and mixing like CRAZY right now for you guys. We hear your requests and want you all to know that we're putting in work and things are picking up major momentum on our end. Excited to be working with some HOT producers ready to elevate us to the next level for our fans! Everything we do is for, and thanks to you guys, much love! Keep the movement live!

Shoutout To RAP ATTACK DJS Rap Charts 

Rap Attack Djs picked Pure Order as fresh talent to be reviewed at, much appreciation for the recognition, very excited to be thrown on their charts as hip hop artists. We are now on their charting system in NATIONWIDE college hip hop radio. Can't help but feel grateful as the Pure Order movement is in effect.


UPDATE: Not only does the dope Hip Hop Lifestyle magazine Rude Boy Mag want to do a COVER ARTICLE on us, but they apparently thought we were cool enough to let us rep their gear! We are so hype to see our feature in  their mag blossom into a CLOTHING partnership as well! Catch us rocking their gear in our style in all their catalogs WORLDWIDE. Support our movement for CLASSIC Hip Hop style, yea we know what y'all wanna see, we bringing it back but with that PURE ORDER flavor! The movement is on 


In the studio putting in this work! We got some groundbreaking stuff coming out we KNOW y'all gonna think is flames. Finally getting this album out with a career defining producer who'll remain top secret for now, stay tuned, The Pure Order Movement is in effect

Soon to be on the Cover of RUDE BOY MAGAZINE! 

When it comes to the urban society, Rude Boy Lifestyles Magazine is up on ALL things Hip Hop: the biggest names, the lifestyle, the culture, the fashion, the latest updates, and ESPECIALLY the music. They also happen to recognize new heat coming from fresh faces. That's right, Rude Boy Mag want's to do a FULL COVER FEATURE on The Pure Order! They've been catching all the hype surrounding Hip Hop's newest craftsmen, heard the music that's been setting it off, and didn't want to miss an opportunity to rep true Hip Hop enthusiasts! Yo they're trying to make Pure Order international! Get hype! Check out the cover story coming soon on