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AVAILABLE NOW! "The Lighthouse" 


AVAILABLE NOW! Pure Order (God's Gift and Nemesis) just went public with their work! Download their dope single "Lighthouse" from their MUSIC page on site for only 0.99 cents! They also stream all over the internet, check them out on Bandcamp, ITunes, Spotify, and Jango. This is what Hip Hop has been waiting for y'all, DON'T MISS OUT! Show some love with a like, and don't forget to follow on Twitter (@pureorder) and IG! (the_pure_order_of_mcs). If you do, get exclusive vinyl cover of your choice when you preorder the vinyl!


AVAILABLE NOW! Another single dropped from The Pure Order and it is FLAMES! Download their hard hitting single "New World" and be a part of Hip Hop history! Download it from the MUSIC page on site for only 0.99. They're also streaming all over the web, check them out on Bandcamp, ITunes, Spotify, and Jango ‪#‎triedtowarnem‬! Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow on Twitter and Instagram for an exclusive vinyl cover of your choice with the vinyl preorder. It's a New World y'all!