Our Music

In an era where even the modern  generation of true hip hop enthusiasts are dissatisfied with the genre moving farther and farther away from its roots, Pure Order (Nemesis and God's Gift) rekindle the art of hip hop in its purest form, revitalizing the reason why we listen to it to begin with and returning to the genre the purpose with which it was created: To deliver a message to the masses worth hearing, doing so in a clever and forcefully poetic manner. Although pleasantly reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop established early on and lost through the decades, Pure Order strikes a dynamic balance that satisfies what we've loved about the genre, and at the same time our thirst for something original and new. With fresh beats, strong bars, and thought provoking lyrics, Pure Order is definitely returning hip hop to its proper place, but doing so in a way never heard before. It's The Pure Order of hip hop.

Who We Are

God's Gift has been a hip hop fan and a rapper for most of his life. He comes from humble beginnings like most, but unlike other rappers, adds a unique craft to his style, and powerful themes to his lyrics worth listening to. Also sprouting from rugged terrain early in life, Nemesis is a music enthusiast and artist of various genres who puts the music itself, and having a significant message above everything else in the industry. To her, it's all about good music, and good vibes. Together, we form The Pure Order of Mcs. We're hip hop fans just like you, and our goal is to bring back to true fans what hip hop is really supposed to be. We have good energy to give to the world, and a very important message to deliver.